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6 Years Later

I’m going to give this another go. 

I like to write and there was a time when writing regularly – reflecting on life and crafting it into story – was a joy for me. I come from a family of story tellers and I love telling stories myself. I love the story arc, especially a winding, meandering arc that twists and turns for reasons initially unapparent yet worth the time and distance.

The transformation – especially the subtle transformations are meaningful to me. I joy in noticing them, in sharing them and going back seasons later to reread them and test that they are still true.

Yet over the years other things have crowded out my writing. Creativity that was sunk into a hobby was then sunk into a job and other more formal requirements. Professionally, I’m a story teller that travels in the guise of a preacher so much of my writing is bound up in 4000 word sermons preached week after week. Then somewhere along the way I decided 15 years of formal schooling wasn’t enough andI signed up for a few more so that those who don’t know me well would have to refer to me as “Dr. Watson”. And in order to get there, well, more writing was required.

But I’m in a different season now and I want to write again. I want to tell stories again. I want to reflect well, and invite whatever passersby linger on this simple site to reflect along with me. I want to wonder about who I’m becoming, wonder about what I’m doing, why, what it’s worth and what it might mean.

I’m not interested in sharing my opinions on one thing or another. There’s enough of that. And I don’t know that I have much original or novel to say. There are so many more writers out there creating original works more thought provoking than I could establish. What I do want to do is share a bit or two about the world, the life and the living that I’m occupying these days – as a man, a husband, a dad, brother, Christian and neighbor living in 21st century urban America.

It’s been 6 years since I last tried this. 6 years since I laid this hobby down. And 6 years later, I aim to pick it up again. I’ve changed some.

I wonder how much.

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