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While napping in the Park one great Saturday afternoon

Weekend before last I was lying in the grass in one of my favorite city parks in the world.  The mrs. and I left our prides and joys with the grandparents, jumped on jet planes to hide out on the west coast for a few days.  Which is how I ended up at this sanctuary of a playground on a beautiful Saturday afternoon feeling very satisfied.  

With a grin on my sun-licked face.  Belly full of Mama's homemade blueberry, cranberry, orange twist french toast.  Satisfied to be in a city that has captured my affections for over a decade.  Satisfied to be relaxing in this place with this woman who loves me.  And who is napping in the grass next to me.  Satisfied to feel the cool ocean breezes washing over the park, over me, and mixing the fragrance of evergreen and eucalyptus trees.  

Several yards from us, a young man, maybe in his late twenties, is having a birthday party.  The party's not quite started yet and the early arrivers seem to be just his parents and his girlfriend.  I drift in and out of my afternoon nap, but I can hear others arrive.  I can hear his laugh.  He's genuinely happy to see friends.  With each new wave of friends and loved ones that arrives he greets them joyously, genuinely, happily.  His laugh; not annoying, or obnoxious as some can be.  It reminds me of my son's laugh when I arrive home from work and he laughs because he's excited to see me and show me something new, or hug me.  The young man's laugh says to me," I'm glad to be here, to see these people, to love and be loved.  I'm very, very happy today".  

I hear his laugh again and look over at the party that has grown to a dozen or so.  They open a bottle of wine and he laughs again and hugs a friend.  I lay my head back on the grass and smile big.  Because, I feel like he feels.  Satisfied.  And very, very happy.


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