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There was one who once said crazy things like, give your possessions to the poor, let your light shine, go to the ends of the earth, love God, love your neighbor, serve, pray, die and live. Those words, the words of Jesus, have gripped and shaped our lives.

Because of Jesus’ life, challenge and love we are propelled into an amazing life journey; a journey that most often finds us pitching our tent among the poor and those on the margins of our world, serving, living, teaching, learning and loving there.

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June 25th. A Poem

June 25th, 2009

From the overpass I can see the moon. 

A concluding metaphor for a day like today. 

Its just a thumbnail. 

And its red. 

Just enough light to see by. 

But the color’s all wrong. 

And it makes me angry and distrustful.

I round another overpass

Where I’m high enough to catch one last glimpse of the scarlet sliver

Before turning towards home.


But its gone.  

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