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There was one who once said crazy things like, give your possessions to the poor, let your light shine, go to the ends of the earth, love God, love your neighbor, serve, pray, die and live. Those words, the words of Jesus, have gripped and shaped our lives.

Because of Jesus’ life, challenge and love we are propelled into an amazing life journey; a journey that most often finds us pitching our tent among the poor and those on the margins of our world, serving, living, teaching, learning and loving there.

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Dancing in the Kitchen

The days run by and its a month since our last post.  I'm trying to figure out what we've been doing that's kept us away from the keyboard.  

Basically, it's been things like this....


and then a few days later there was a week of this....

but before all of that there was this...

Dancing in the Kitchen from Matthew Watson on Vimeo.

 and that's really about it.


Reader Comments (1)

What an amazingly calm dog. Of course, the dog thinks you are all crazy from the looks he was giving.

March 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDelaine Zody

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