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I'll be honest, when I think back to the first time I met Greg Jackson I couldn't get a good read on what kind of friend he'd be to me and Lisa nor what kind of youth minister he was.  However, over the past year and a half of knowing him and watching him, it is crystal clear.  He cares deeply for youngsters and he is driven to see them live into God sized visions of passion for Jesus and care for folks who've lost their way and lost their footing in life. 

Greg places the suburban students that make up his flock and the student ministry that's designed to form them spiritually in stretching postures.  He places them in broke down and out of the way places - inner city neighborhoods, African orphanages and refugee communities - then forces the students to serve ALONGSIDE those in the community, and then prompts the students to ask questions of their God and their scriptures.  Greg models the action, reflection process of spiritual formation masterfully.  And the maturity of the students in the youth group are the result.  

Then there's the other stuff that I'm growing to genuinely appreciate about Greg.  His zeal for music.  And he's not zealous in the sense that he has a huge CD or MP3 collection.  Zealous in the purer sense.  The sense that says music, to be truly appreciated, must be appreciated in person.  As one goes to visit friends, or converse with relatives or old timers; that's how Greg approaches music.  His zeal for the creative and innovative.  Greg scours movies, conferences, organizations, businesses and nonprofits in an effort to explore how people with vision move forward in ways uncharted.  

And then there's the generosity.  Greg, a single bachelor, has let this nomadic band of 4 Watsons, invade his tranquil world and up-end it for 2 months.  Not a word of complaint (out loud any ways) or a question of "when are you moving out?".  He's loved our boys and, I think he's enjoyed our company.  

Greg has become a wonderful friend to the family and a complete honor to serve with.  Today, and on many other days, G-Jack is my hero!

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