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NaBloPoMo 2009

A few years back a great friend of mine, one of my best really, began encouraging me to blog.  He wanted to keep up with me during the dry spells when we weren't able to catch up by phone; he was and is living in Alaska and I was (and seem to still be) living in all parts of the urban world.  He also wanted to encourage me to write; which I enjoy doing but am incredibly undisciplined at doing.

I'm grateful for his encouragement.  Honestly, I really enjoy posting although you might find it hard to believe given the scant postings in the last few months.

My friend, we'll call him Rozey, because that's his nickname, stumbled into this little virtual gathering called NaBloPoMo.  NaBloPoMo is a set aside time of year, in November, wherein bloggers are prompted to blog each day for a solid month.  Sort of a bloggers Ramadan, if you will.  But without the fasting.  And no praying.  Unless you can't think of anything to write, then fasting or praying are certainly welcome.  Or drinking.  I find a glass of Merlot gets my blog juices flowing.

NaBloPoMo began on November 1st.  So, clearly I'm behind, but NaBloPoMo doesn't mind.  They'll take you whenever you come around.  And having an excused series of absences from the NaBloPoMo principal, I'm beginning my BloPoMo today, a little late, but with the Merlot on hand.

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