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Countdown to the 4 Watsons!

In case you didn't get this by email...

Excitement is swirling around the Watson house. Lisa and I, in consultation with our doctor have elected to go ahead and have our baby delivered by C-section. We've scheduled the surgery for this Monday, June 23rd, 2008 at 9:30am at Baptist East Women's Hospital. We made this decision a couple of days ago and our doctor called us yesterday confirming that we can have the surgery on Monday. So here we go!

Just a quick update. Lisa and I had another ultrasound week before last and discovered that this baby was breech (head up) and was over 7 lbs. Last week (on Tuesday) we met with our doctor to explore the options for delivery. There were a couple of options in front of us, but after considering them, we settled on surgery.

Baby and mom are both perfectly healthy and happy. Although Lisa was hoping to have the chance to deliver baby #2 naturally (Nathan also was breech and delivered by C-section) it seems that's not going to be possible. She's disappointed, but happy to know, besides being head up, everything is fine with the little guy.

Obviously, we ask that you pray for us, for the surgery and that all goes well on Monday. Lisa will be in the hospital until Wednesday and then faces a 6 week recovery. Pray for her recovery and strength.

We've been talking and working with Nathan trying to prepare him for his new baby brother. Pray for Nathan and his adjustment at a big brother.

I plan to be out of the office Monday thru Wednesday in order to be with Lisa and the newest Watson. Right now we have some friends from California staying with us, the Graham Family, and they'll be here through next week as well helping out and spending time with Nathan. Lisa's mother arrives on Thursday and will be with us for about 10 days.

We are very grateful to have Suzanne Acuff & Alicia Sherwood are coordinating meals for us.

We will certainly keep you posted by email on how things go for us next week.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Matthew, Lisa and Nathan

Reader Comments (3)

Exciting times. We have been thinking about you and wishing you all well. Monday, huh? Well, all the really cool kids will be born on Tuesday. Blessings on each of you.

June 22, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterBrian in AK

Can't wait to see pics of the little guy. Be sure you send us your number today so that we can get in touch with you to exchange baby stats!!

June 22, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie in AK!

I hope everything went well. WE will be praying for the recovery of the wife. Hope to see you and the new addition soon.

June 24, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterZach WIggs

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