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Like a Band of Gypsies

This isn't the first road trip the 3 Watsons have taken, this isn't the farthest, or the most exotic. But this one is different. We're not leaving things behind in a storage unit. We're not keeping a mailing address in the place we're leaving. Everything is coming with us. In many ways, this trip is the most extreme as it marks a new season in our lives.

On new seasons...
As we began our journey eastward, it was fitting that the first stretch of highway we found ourselves on was the HWY 99 that cuts through the San Joaquin Valley and slices through orchard after orchard of farm land. This is an amazing time of year in California's Central Valley. For a few weeks, a few days really, the almond & citrus trees begin to bloom and the site is amazing. It's as though pink and bright white snow has fallen over the Valley. There's a newness and excitement in the air. Along with massive amounts of pollen. But the new season is a beauty. We drove thanking God for the beautiful send off He provided us and the reminders of new seasons.

I've been to Barstow, Ca. a few times now, and every time I leave thinking, "this is a weird town". I don't know what it is, but that's my general sense.

A place that doesn't dissappoint...
We've mentioned that for the past two months we've been staying with Randy & Tina White; an experience that requires its own blog one day. Randy and his son Jameson are fans of the TV Show West Wing which is apparently off the air now. One night while watching one of the episodes with them on DVD one of the characters, Toby I believe, says, "you should go to the Grand Canyon. It's one of the few places left in the world that, when you get there, it doesn't dissappoint you".

Yesterday the 3 Watsons plus one on the way did just that. And Toby is right you know. It doesn't dissappoint. The last time Lisa or I were at that Great Canyon was 10 years ago when both of us, independently of each other, we're heading west towards San Francisco for Seminary. She stopped there with her dad. I with my mom, brother and cousin Teresa. Magnificent. It moves you. I stood at the edge and nearly cried. The only thing keeping me from it were the tourists that surrounded me. Snow was on the canyon. It was bitter cold. And clear. Very, clear. One could see for miles. And i wanted to.

We took as much time as we possibly could before heading on. But even leaving the canyon, we took the long way around. Hwy 64. If you're up there, take the extra hour and a half and enjoy 64. None of it dissapoints. None of it.

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