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The last seven days

For the past couple of weeks the Watsons have been scattered between Miami, Dallas and Memphis.  


Here's the last seven days.



Monday ~ (Matthew is in Memphis, Lisa and the boys are in Dallas) I (matthew) have kidney stones and am rushed to the ER by neighbors.  I spend the day in ER, Monday night at our neighbors and come back home on Tuesday.

Tuesday ~ (MW still in Memphis, the rest of the clan in Big D) I continue to recover.  Lisa's Abuela, who many of you were praying for, passes away from this life and into the next.  

Wednesday ~ Lisa, Nathan, Elias, my mom (Grammie D) & grandma ('GG') drive up from Dallas to Memphis.

Thursday ~ The watsons celebrate thanksgiving with dear friends from Living Hope.

Friday ~ Lisa, Matthew & Elias fly to Miami to be with the Rodriguez family.  (Nathan stays in Memphis with Grammie D & GG.  They spend the day at Graceland).

Saturday ~ We say good by to Lisa's Abuela, Carmen Rodriguez, and fly back to Memphis arriving in at midnight CST.

Sunday ~ Matthew preaches at Living Hope Church.  Grammie D & GG head back to Dallas, leaving the rest of the Watsons in their home in Memphis.

Which brings me to tonight.  Nathan is in bed.  Lisa is in the living room with Elias.  I'm in the breakfast nook listening to Debussy's Clair de Lune and reflecting on the last seven days.  I don't know if I'm exhausted, overwhelmed or both.  

To have all of this happen during Thanksgiving week, leading up to the beginning of Advent seems to make the events of the last weeks all the more poignant.  Drastic reminders that in spite of hurting hearts, broken bodies and the fragility of life, we still have much to be thankful for.  And it was precisely because of weeks like this - ones marked by sickness and loss - that Jesus came and will come again.  

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