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playing in the hallway

NaBloPoMo has taken a back seat, or even gotten out of the car for that matter under the weight of more pressing matters.  

Abuela was doing better for a couple of days, but then had a turn for the worst.  Her heart is weakening.  Continue to pray for her and for Lisa.  She is still in Miami.  Trying to be an encouragement, but needing encouragement herself.  

I'm in Dallas and have been for the past couple of days.  I was attending the Acts 29 Network conference on church planting along with other pastors from Living Hope.  Lisa was supposed to be with us.  I wish she was with us; for more reasons than one.  Perhaps that experience will be its own blog in the next day or so.  Maybe not.  

I planned to return to Memphis last night, leaving Nathan with my mom, dad and grandma.  To spend the next several days working, preparing to preach, preparing for Advent Conspiracy, pastoring, all that.  But, like so many of our days recently, none of that happened. 

As I was preparing to leave, Nathan took my departing very hard.  Crying, asking me not to leave.  Its a rare occasion for Nathan to get bent out of shape about Lisa and me leaving him somewhere although he's never spent a night without us.  In light of everything else, this was especially difficult for me.  And frankly, the thought of driving to Memphis and spending several days there alone was none to appealing. 

I left.  Drove to the gas station.  Called Lisa told her the situation with Nathan.  I called to get an update on Abuela.  Through tears she shared.  

After finishing my conversation with Lisa, I called my mom.  She told me Nathan had stopped crying and was running up and down the hall playing.  I told her I was coming back to the house and that I'd be staying the night, possibly the next two.  

You see, things are a little uncertain in our family right now.  Abuela may recover.  And she may not.  We might have to go to Miami, and we might not.  Lisa's been in Miami for 5 days.  And she'll be there for a few more.  And although I have a lot to do...sermons to prepare, a conspiracy to coordinate, a mission trip to prepare for...I have a sense that the best place (though not the most efficient place) for me to work on these things is in a place where each night I am able to put my son to bed.  I suspect I need that more than he does.  After all, while I was still carrying the heavy heart, he was playing the hall way.  

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Reader Comments (2)

You will never have these days again. Cherish them, use them wisely. Your son will grow up and move away, but he will always remember what his dad did for him. You, then, will have lots of time to do all the other stuff. This coming from a mother who would like to redo some of those years when she didn't do such a good job.

November 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDelaine Zody

There are several times when I think I need their hugs more than they need mine. I'm glad you stayed - for both of you.

I'll be continuing to pray for Abuela, Lisa, and the rest of you.

November 25, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie

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